Calgary ZOO

We finally went to the zoo last weekend. 4 1/2 hours of the zoo. It was awesome, though we were pretty exhausted at the end.

Acadia has been on a giraffe kick for the past couple months. She continually asks to see the giraffe video we have on an episode of the Rick Mercer Report when he visits the Toronto Zoo. The first destination was then to see the giraffes. They are quite noble/bizarre creatures up close. Those tongues are freakier than the long necks. Acadia seemed more confused than in awe of these beasts, but she liked them in the end.

Blaise was awesome! He picked up the little info phones all the time and listened carefully to the voice at the other end explaining all about the animals.

His favorite animal out of all was the fish. Even after seeing camels and elephants and anteaters and lions, the fish were the best. The pet store has fish.

I liked the lions...

and the giant anteaters... 

and the stork...

and the andean condor...

and the moose.

The kids really liked the ducks. There are ducks everywhere! Maybe I should go to the zoo alone next time.

Some other animals that were super wicked awesome cool were the feathertail glider, the alpine ibex, and the cotton-top tamarin (a real rockstar!).

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