Ginger Brew

I've always been a fan of ginger beer.* Even when I was little, I would pick out the Jamaican ginger beer as my treat if we were in town. It burns. And I like it.

Ginger root is on sale and so I buy some. I tell Amber how I would like to learn how to make ginger beer and she tells me I should look online. Of course! The world is at my fingertips. I find a recipe:
Ginger : Water : Sugar : Yeast : Lemon

Seal it in a bottle for 24-48 hours and voilá!

Notice how it deflated after I opened it. Some serious pressure built up in there.

The kids and Amber really liked it. I think it was too lemony and not gingery enough. I'll be making more batches in the future.

*Not to be confused with its wimpy cousin ginger ale.

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Aimée said...

Cool!Should we expect a new blog called "Zaak Drinks"? (by himself)

:) This is actually pretty neat.