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It took a couple months to work up my will to visit a garage again after getting gouged on my first visit after returning to Canada. My car stereo has a security code that is required if the power is disconnected (so stealing the stereo is pointless). As I bought the car as a recovered stolen vehicle, I didn't have the code. 

The aforementioned garage removed the stereo and got the serial number off of it to then get the code. The code they gave me was wrong. I wasn't keen on spending another $60 at an Audi dealership to get another code, so I didn't until today.

Walked in to Royal Oak Audi (just around the corner from where we live) and gave them the stereo serial number and VIN. They went into a back room. Came out and went to my car with the 4-digit code and voilá! I have tunes in my A4. I brought the invoice to the counter where she had me sign it. I asked how much because the invoice I signed said $0.00. She said since I had already done all the work she wouldn't charge me.

Amber and I listened to Johnny Cash and Coldplay on the way home. Cranked to 11.

A public thanks to Royal Oak Audi for their kindness today!


dawn said...

I love that when the invoice comes up like that especially when I thought it would be more.

Anonymous said...

Ooohh....an Audi A4? Nice. Just scrolled down and noticed it was a 2000. Enjoy it!!

I still drive my little Dodge SX 2.0 to work. I would love to drive my 'new to me' 1981 GMC 2500 Camper Special....but the 454 in it likes to drink a bit of fuel....but it will haul ANYTHING!!