Raffi Cavoukian gets it

Amber borrowed a Raffi Concert DVD for our kids from the local library. She grew up listening to his songs like Baby Beluga and Little Toy Trains - I didn't. I have to admit, his gentleness, meaningful (though sometimes silly) songs, and the way he has promoted his music really impresses me.

Born in Egypt to Armenian parents who then moved to Ontario, a middle aged Raffi quickly became a child entertainment sensation. He has been very conscious of the environment and children's rights. It's never been about the money for Raffi. He's turned down several lucrative opportunities because the business plans for the projects went against his principles. He has lobbied to eliminate the commercial exploitation of children (advertising geared towards children) and his company hasn't advertised to children.

So, Raffi the Global Troubador, thanks for making music in a way that doesn't put 5 minutes of commercials at the beginning of it (Disney) and that is wholesome and kind. My kids are going to listen to lots of you. Thanks a lot.

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