opening the stress valve

This past month is the first month I have ever carried an owing balance on my credit card. We've had a heap of expenses moving from Guatemala to Canada and then moving into our new house. I just kept telling myself that its just money and I'm already paying through my nose for my mortgage so it doesn't matter in the long run.

What's really cool though is that in the past 30 days, thousands of dollars have been deposited into my account in the form of payment for our car in Guatemala, back payments of child tax credit and child care for my daughter, GST cheque, and funds from Impact Ministries (they agreed to give us a 3 month cushion when we moved back to Canada). Plus I get paid tomorrow for my job. Amber has picked up a few days of substitute teaching this month too which wouldn't have been possible without having my sister-in-law living with us to care for Blaise and Acadia.

All the stress could come back when I go to buy winter tires and a block heater for our car in the next month. Maybe I should start buying lottery tickets.

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dawn said...

Wow, wonderful when the money comes in after a personal recession. Glad it has worked out.