Go Grizzlies!

I coached a junior high volleyball team in Spruce Grove, AB in 2004. Though it was exhausting having to put in practice and game times in through the first two months of school when I was barely holding my classes together, it was rewarding all the same.

I managed to drift into the same position at my new school this year. I coach 12 seventh and eighth grade boys in volleyball. We've played 3 of our 8 games this week and won all three (due in tiny part to their illustrious coach). 

So, congratulations boys! You're making it worth the early mornings and late work days.

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dawn said...

Our homeschool team played the boys you coached last year. Or maybe it was the year before. I loose track of time so easily. Of course they played them when they were in high school but there would likely be some of the same players on the team.