I've got to stand up straight, he's watching

Recall a recent post about switching to new runners? Well, my son Blaise saw me taking the photo of my shoes and decided this was something that must be important, fun, and right. He lined up shoes all over the place. His little shoes. Our rubber boots. Then he asked to have photos taken of them.

I love this little fella. It's clear to me that he loves me too. There is definitely some affection in his voice every morning when he says, "Papa, I poo-ooped." There is more affection when he gives me hugs and kisses.


mish said...

Okay, I didn't understand Browbeating, but I LOVED this post! SOO incredibly sweet.

Anonymous said...

Got to love those little kids. Enjoy it.

dawn said...

How sweet. They do learn by example.

Zaak said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I do love my little guy (who at the moment is tugging at my underwear, trying to persuade me to do an ABCD game on the computer).

Mish, browbeating is a poem about spiritual abuse.