Five Hundred Facebook Friends

I've reached this milestone. The curse/blessing of my existence has been that I've lived in so many places and therefore have met people from all over the place.

As much fun as Facebook is, there is the limitation that the majority of the people who have joined it are between 15 and 45 years old. This excludes a great portion of friends who are either technologically handicapped or who don't have any interest in sharing photos, news and messages through the internet.

Amber keeps reminding me that a substantial portion of my friends come from short-term mission teams and that I wouldn't be able to identify them if I met them. Jealousy rears its ugly head.

I enjoy finding out that friends I had in college or junior high or who I met on a trip have gotten married or had children or are traveling. It's cool to know that hundreds of people are thinking of me too.

I actually have to go and confirm yet another friend now. 501. Cheerio!


Aimée said...

I am your friend (so 502) but I have no interest in Facebook. Congrats on your milestone, I guess? :)

dawn said...

I have a Facebook account. I am not technologically advanced, so accidentally signed up when someone sent me to see some photos. I thought I was going to her web page or something. This was before I was blogging and before I spent much time on the computer. Anyway, I started putting in my details and go suspicious but it was too late; I was signed up. I don't visit it much but J and T are big on it. T interacts mostly with one person and a few close friends. J is meeting all sorts of new people. It isn't my thing, but I am on the verge of being too old for it;-).

Amber said...

You mean reality rears it's ugly heard, turkey lurkey :)