My Mother the Actress

photo by Chad Hipolito/Red Deer Express

My mom, Debby, has been involved in Central Alberta Theatre (C.A.T.) for about ten years now. She's had parts in 1 to 3 plays each year and is now a real veteran so directors just handpick her for parts - though she still gets worked up over auditions now and again.

Right now she's playing a dog in a comedy called Sylvia. The reviews are great, especially for mom (Red Deer Advocate and Red Deer Expresss).

So, Congratulations mom and another part well done. Sorry we're not around to see you shine, next one though...


dawn said...

That is so cool and what a fun way to spend time. Our touch of drama has been drama camp and the kids and I have really enjoyed it. We keep thinking we should do Love According to John, but have not got involved yet. Maybe next year.

Steffi said...

Oh your mom is a actress.That´s really nice and a great job!