A Long Time Running

This chap is from Tactic. Óscar Ramos just won the ultramarathon and set a new record for the race, an 80 km run along the highway that runs in front of our house. His time was 7:08:25 hours. I remember him passing by with a number on his chest and not seeing anyone else come after him. Second place was 53 minutes behind him. My buddy Erick says he works at the sawmill two doors down from my house.

I've challenged Walter my neighbour to run the Cobán half marathon in May. Since we both have small children, sleep and helping our wives usually takes precedence to going for a run. We both love running and so a 21 km run shouldn't be too bad. The furthest I've run is 12 km, so I would like to run at least that far once again before the race. If we do it.


dawn said...

That is a pretty amazing time and stretch between him and the next guy. I used to run in Junior high and some in high school, but it was never my passion. My sister really likes running. She has started doing small triathlons. I can't swim, don't like to run, so that won't be happening here, although, it did cross my mind a couple of years ago. I hope you get to do your run.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zaak

Me and a couple of friends including Sabrina are thinking of doing a 1/2 marathon in October in Victoria, good luck, I don't know how people manage exercising with family responsibilities! Good luck!