When I was taking pictures of our shoe and sock distribution this week, a grade 1 boy's zipper was all busted up and his penis was in full view. It was both funny and sad.

I brought a team to a sinkhole/cave where Maya ceremonies are performed and a priest suspended a live chicken over his fire where it was burned alive. It was shocking. He chanted and recited for about 40 minutes.

With the same team we visted several families. We prayed for each family. A man wept when we blessed him as a father - he works far from home to provide for his family. A fatherless boy wept as we prayed for him.

I bought a 66¢ rock that I thought was jade. It turns out to be a piedra de rayo or lightning rock (my neighbour Walter explained it to me. The Mayans believe that a rock comes with a lightning bolt and splits a tree. Too bad it wasn't jade.

One of the women we visited, a widowed mother of three of our students, asked me to help her with some health problems. She showed me a test result form for some diseases she was tested for: Syphilis - Positive. Ouch. I filled her prescriptions this afternoon from our clinic.

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dawn said...

Oh, that is so tough. Such terrible things to see and terrible things for people to endure. What strength God gives to those who venture there.