Canada Fading

I´m in the Hotel Dos Lunas in Guatemala City right now. Yesterday I drove my former principal and his wife here to the capital from Tactic and we talked the whole way (as we had done the previous day coming from the capital).

Last night at the hotel I chatted with a Quebecois working for government in Ottawa. This morning over breakfast I visited with a British Columbian working in Ottawa as well.

I find it incredible how distant Canada is to me now. I have been away for 13 months - my longest stretch yet - and though it is a core of my being, I feel quite disconnected to it. I guess if I had thought about it before moving away, I would have understood that this would happen, but it has come as a surprise.

One of my fears (not an overwhelming one) is that I won´t integrate very well when I return to Canada. Then I will truly be homeless - but not completely, Amber will be with me.


Amber said...

I'm so glad that wherever we are together is home:)

Plus all you'll need to do is go out for some Indian cuisine with some friends/fam then catch a foreign flick at a theatre and you will feel happily integrated back into Canadian life:)

dawn said...

I think any time away can make your memories and feeling of belonging lesson, the longer the moreso. I don't think you have much to worry about with all the people here to welcome you back.

April said...

Hey, they say that it is often the reverse culture shock that is the most difficult for missionaries... mostly because they aren't expecting it and there isn't much of a support group. When I was in Haiti, we had a missions group send us a booklet upon 're-entry', it was very helpful. I'll see if I can get some copies

Mary said...

Steve and I were in Canada last summer, and I can relate to your feeling of disconnect. Until I went to my brothers grade 6 graduation, and all the kids stood up to sing O Canada. My eyes welled up, and I knew that there was a part of me that would never be that far from Canada.