ups, downs, and straight across

We install the stovepipe in this woman's home. While I am working though, it is like working over a campfire because she has her old fire going and the new stove lit too. But she only has one stovepipe attached and no hole in the roof. What is funny is that the cap for the chimney is on the stove, so the stove looks installed, but completely indoors.

We get the hole in the aluminum roof and seal it off with silicon and she insists we have a coffee and sweetbread. I ask my little helper José to take my picture because I don't have any pictures of me installing a stove. This is as close as I've got for now.

This family lives 1/2 way up the mountain and the view is incredible. It's dusk and the sun is very bright in the west.

I look down and I can see where we transported a stove (all 700 lbs). Normally, we leave it to the family to do this as we don't have time to do all their work and they get more of a sense of ownership is they do it themselves. The family at the end of this path isn't home for one. Secondly, the family consists of an elderly aunt and her two young orphans.

I check into that very home the next day and all the pieces are still there and so are the two kids. The girl tells me that the aunt doesn't want the stove. She wants a bigger one. (ha ha ha). (this family is destitute, with barely enough money to eat). (they also don't speak the local language nor Spanish very well, but rather Q'eqchí, so the aunt didn't understand much during the training session).

This is what they currently cook on. I do my spiel and convince the two kids who I hope will persuade their aunt who is out working. I add too that they don't have to pay for the stove. . . this is a real selling point I think.


Sirdar said...

That is funny about the aunt not wanting it. They have nothing and it still isn't good enough. I bet she will appreciate it soon. Ways are hard to give up sometimes....

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have your work cut out for you. Funny how the stove needed to be bigger when it wasn't even installed. I bet she will like it once done. That is a great view, and funny about the other fire going while you installed the stove. Today we ran into a friend who will be visiting you in February so watch for Justin. He was part of the first graduating class at the school you taught at in SG and he taught our kids phys ed for 2 years. He is actually leaving in two weeks through Trinity Western (I think) but won't be in your area until February.