To Complete Exhaustion

We delivered 25 stoves today in Chicoy, Mocohan, and Purulhá. I was proud when we delivered 14 stoves in one day on December 7. Each stoves weighs in at 700 lbs (320 kg) and it comes in 30 pieces (some very large, some tiny). We got a late start because my hired pick-up truck delayed me so long I looked for another. So from 9:20 am through til 5:15 pm I worked loading and unloading with a couple guys without a break for lunch.

I haven't felt so tired in a long long time. Almost every part of my body is sore and I could barely pick my 2 1/2 year old son up tonight. My fingertips hurt, so I'll stop now.


Dan B said...

Your problem is rooted in your super-human strength. Since you are so strong that "you can do it with your pinky finger", I'm assuming you tried to do just that, and now you have sore fingers. Poor you.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I've been there. Sounds like when you are moving homes and of course to save some money you do it yourself...with the help of many others you hope...but you still feel it. Rest up young man...only 100 more stoves to go!!