Die Duck Die

Blaise's stuffed toy duck used to say a prayer when you squeezed it's foot. The voice is a scary child's voice, half whispering. Sometimes in English. Sometimes in French.

Amber washed the duck. Now, when you squeeze it's foot, nothing happens. But every now and again, the duck comes alive and just starts praying. On it's own. Without provocation. At 10:45 tonight, from Blaise's room we heard Now I lay me down to sleep . . .

I snuck into the room. Found the duck. And threw him outside.

Say your prayers ducky!!


April said...

Are you somehow sending a subtle hint of a new praying duck?!

Ha ha

Just kidding

Amber said...

Trust me we've had our fill of praying stuffed animals:)

Sirdar said...

Thats funny!! Maybe the duck is possessed now :-) But...possessed in a good way!!

Dawn said...

Ha, That is funny, for those of us who don't hear it. We had a toy like that once. I only have vague memories, but I think it was left in the rain, and wouldn't stop doing what it did, randomly.