kicking around the house

Got this monster in the market: 15cm long, 34 cm around it's widest girth and 40 cm around top-bottom. Yum.

Amber got me these. On the packaging it says "for ages 3 and up." This is ridiculous. Blaise loves playing with them and he's not even two yet! Who makes these executive decisions?

This is my 3 times a week morning ritual. Fresh beans ground and then pressed. The smell is often better than the taste; Though with fresh unpasteurized goat's milk and granulated cane sugar, it's pretty hard to beat the flavour.


Sirdar said...
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Sirdar said...

Ummm...what is that there monster from the market?

Ages 3 and up? They learn early down there!!

Love the smell of ground coffee and the smell of brewing it. I think the smell is better than the drink.

Amber said...

Anything to avoid doing your dishes eh? Tsk tsk. Also I got those dice as a joke for Zaak, just for the record. And we don't even have a bathtub:)

GrandmaDeb said...

Labeling is funny. Seems who did that one wasn't paying attention....should have said "choking hazzard, keep away from small children"
Your coffee ritual sounds yummy...except for the goats milk...funny coming from me. I tried some that you left here...and as soon as it hit the hot coffee all I could taste was goat! It would be nice and creamy though.

Zaak said...

Sirdar: Sadly, they don't learn much of the essentials... The monster is a mango, and sadly this one didn't taste that good.

Amber: We don't need a bathtub to have fun with those dice and you know it!

Grandmadeb: They're pretty big dice, so choking isn't really an option - I couldn't swallow one. There should be an age range where they aren't permitted, like 5-20.