You can't have a moustache for just a day. Apparently.

Moustache Men seem to be required to wear a moustache for years in order to be accepted. I remember seeing a band of misfits at a music festival in Stony Plain, all 20-somethings, all with moustaches. It really seemed out of place.

My papa had a moustache for years (after he cut his beard off). I never really felt like he looked like papa unless he had a moustache. Now he has a goatee and it's just not the same.

So, I guess that's my reason for not keeping a moustache: I haven't had one for years. It certainly has nothing to do with Amber telling me that I am not allowed to have a moustache.

I wonder if things would be different if I could wax the tips and twirl.



Sirdar said...

I used to have a beard and moustache when Jacinta was a baby. I think she was 1 years old when, New Years eve I decided to shave it all off. She came running into our room and to my side and she looked and me and stopped in her tracks. Then she started backing up. After a few minutes of me trying to convince her that it was me, she finally came and started feeling my face. But the look on her face was priceless.

Salome said...

Hey you look like papa in the top one! I think you look quite smart with your cookie duster!

Daniel said...

I am not graced with an abundance of facial hair above my lip. If I ever waited long enough to grow the thing, I sure as heck would want to keep it around for a while to show it off.

Maybe that's why Moustache Men seem to wear theirs for years...

GrandmaDeb said...

You do look like Papa with your moustache....when Papa shaved his off Salome (or was it Saison??!) started crying because she was afraid of the man that sounded like Papa but didnt look like him. I thought he looked like Fred Flintstone with out a moustache cause there seemed to be more space between his nose and mouth.
Moustaches sometimes make men look like El Macho types.

much-ado said...

dude, what the h.. is that thing on your face? And for the record you should listen to Amber.

And about the twirling the tips and waxing...it only works if you have pith helmet and you're like 80 in the British army about 2 centuries ago.