Growing Fast

Two things this morning blew me away.

First, at breakfast, Blaise was saying thank you to Mamá for something she put in his dish, but he began saying it in a deeper and deeper voice, over and over. Amber would respond "You're welcome" in just as deep a voice. Blaise continued to push his chin into his chest and get as low as he possibly could, until it was just a whisper. We couldn't contain ourselves. He wasn't copying anything he had seen before.

Second, he took 5 colourful plastic cups from the cupboard and began playing with them on the kitchen floor. I was on the computer and Amber was in the shower, so he just played by himself, quietly. What intrigued me was that he began spinning them and attempting to keep as many spinning at the same time as possible - exactly how I used to do with coins when I was a boy. Genius!


Sirdar said...

A chip off the old block eh? Must make you proud!! It would me :-)

Aimée said...

Too funny. Isn't it amazing how much kids make you laugh throughout the day? Gramma T took Noah off our hands this afternoon so we could get some real work done on the yard. It was so wierd not to have him around and we just sat there for a while thinking about how empty our life would feel without him.
I'm sure you can relate.

GrandmaDeb said...

Blaise has a great sense of humor! Playing with his voice. I bet he will be musical. And yes, he is a chip off the old block...it's cool he can entertain himself like that. And it's cool that you guys appreciate and enjoy his antics.
I can't wait to see you all again!