Pee in the Potty

That's right folks! Blaise has peed in his potty. Twice.

Yesterday it happened. He let us know by saying "pee? pee?" so we stuck him on the potty and presto!

The trouble though is the potty itself. It has a horn thing in the front and the pot part of it isn't long enough for him to sit and pee, so he has to really tuck his peeing part down. Not sure who engineers these things. I'm sure it will be at least 6 weeks before he's fully trained, but it's great to be starting. I hope he's trained before the next on is born in April.


Sirdar said...

Its funny how we get so excited by having someone go pee.

Actually..come to think of it...my dad has the same excitement when he can go pee too.... :-)

Debby said...

Bravo! Blaise! Bravo!! (he did pee in Grandma's christmas gift potty!) We read him books about potty chairs at christmas....what a smart little fellow!!! :)