Growing Young Boy

Blaise has been a joy to watch grow. His great sense of humour wards off much discipline. His latest deal is asking a question waiting for a response then after a generous pause, he begins barking.

This shot was taken when the photo we took for immigration was rejected because there was some blurry thing behind his ear and "hair was in his face" (??). Pretty precious.

Blaise's next door neighbour, Samuel, turned four last week and threw a big party. Blaise brought a gift.

Blaise got a shot at the piñata. Rather than hitting like the other children, he chose the spearing method. I think this will work better when he gets a bit more meat on his arms.


Sirdar said...

What? No snow? :-)

Watching them grow gets better as they get older. Enjoy the sweet innocence.

Aimée said...

Wow, he looks so grown-up and--boyish. Like a little man who is a baby no longer. Good thing you will soon have another baby, so you won't miss that about Blaise.

Debby said...

he's grown up so much since Christmas...what a big boy! shaving, spearing Pinatas. That's quite the party too!