Getting a Kia van on a truck

While driving a short-term mission team from Regina to Antigua for their last 2 nights in the country, my van, the Kia, brokedown. We managed to get the team to where we needed to go and left the van at a highway road stop.

Two days later on our way back, we had a 'tow truck' from Tactic meet us so we could get it brought back to Tactic for repairs. The event required putting the van on the back of the truck.

I sat in the cab drinking Seven, steering the van and occasionally braking while they unhooked and rehooked the chains...

...while this guy did all the work. When the chain runs out, I brake, they manually unwind the chain, hook it up again and start the pulling again. They had to hook it up 3 times because the chain isn't that long.

45 minutes of winching and voilá!

Fido Dido lives! Is he in Canada anymore? I don't think he's learned to talk yet though.

This is Laura, a resident of Tierra Blanca (White Dirt) and one of the gathered spectators for the show.

*Photos 1 & 2 taken by Ruth


Sirdar said...

Well....at least you didn't have to push it all the way to Tactic.

White dirt? We have white snow...does that count?

Petra said...

Wow. Fido Dido. :) I forgot about him. I'm pretty sure they don't have him here in the states. At least that I've seen. But then I don't drink soda so it's possible.

Chels In Romania said...

Aww poor Kia Van... I'm happy that it worked great while we were there. Man I could really go for some Seven right now...