Interweb Woes

So, a week after ordering a bunch of obscure U2 songs from iTunes, I managed to have all of them downloaded - the last 14 of them in the last 14 minutes! Oh baby! Internet's back!

As I've probably mentioned before, my internet connection is of the satellite variety, beamed to my house with an antenna, then connected to my compy via ethernet. A week ago, Cesar took down my industrial size antenna and gave me a midget antenna to put in my window. Since then I've been getting internet for 15 minutes at a time about twice a day/night.

-Cesar has come over a couple times to test the signal strength
-I've called AppleCare a coupel times
-I've tested a PC to see if it's my computer that's causing the problemas.

Today I gave up and reinstalled OSX.4 and things seem to be super.

The latest rumour is that TurboNet (DSL) is coming to town at a $60/month price plus monthly home phone line costs (which we don't currently have). We'll see...

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Sirdar said...

I have OSX 10.4.8...is that what you mean?

It sucks not to have internet. Since we also have our phone on it...it would really be bad for us.

Glad you got your tunes down. Hope the new guys have better up times.

It is funny that my RSS picked up this post below some others. Hmmmm...