treasure hunting in the postmodern age

Geocaching: the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.

What do you think? Should I geocache something in the back hills of Alta Verapaz?


Kevin said...

Absolutely! Geocaching rocks! I should geocache something near my house too, or in the local park.

Is there a website to track geocahes? I assume one needs a GPS receiver to get the coordinates right.

In a similar vein, the Europeans have just launches some spiffy new satelites of their own for the Euro-version of GPS. Does this mean we'll have 2 coordinate systems? What if one doesn't specify which set, are the geocaches permanently lost? 1,000 years from now people will be digging and come across our junk. Or treasures.

Zaak said...

But, what to bury? I'm missing a block of creativity that is accessed by modest finances and energy. I'm too practical too - I'd probably bury something useful, that I would miss 10 minutes after burying it.

There is a link to a great geocache site in the title of this blog entry.

Not sure why the Euros would change longitude and latitude. Probably just a 20% more accurate, faster, gentler, and better tasting GPS.

Les has a GPS. I could go hunting for treasures when I'm in the south (where all these treasures seem to be buried. But that's where all the armed theives are - the south.