Litterer vs. Courier

Motorist in Toronto Kensington market area throws a burger out his car door onto the road. Cyclist picks it up and gives it back to him. Motorist gets out of car and attacks the female cyclist. She accidentally keys his car in the struggle. He attacks her and her bike. Photographer gets it all on film. People comment for ever on the photos and incident.

Check out the site these photos were posted on and all the comments. The most disturbing thing here are the responses. Yikes. People calling for public executions. Name calling like I've never heard it before. I know people can be more vicious when it's anonymous, but wow! the comments and threats. It's a wonder capital punishment ever was abolished in Canada.


Kevin said...

This was hilarious. Look at the stunned look on the girl in the white jacket's face (last picture). Classic. And see how yellow Mr. Fight's teeth are. Man, get a brush dude!

Zaak said...

You noticed the yellow teeth too eh? I wonder if Mr. Fight has been identified yet.

Sirdar said...

"It's a wonder capital punishment ever was abolished in Canada."

Damn Liberals!! :-)