My Favorite Colour

My platform.

  • Government should protect human rights, I like the Canadian Charter.

  • Government should police and be a place of justice.

  • Legislated morality should only serve to protect people from each other and from themselves.

  • Government should protect the land from unwarranted exploitation and monitor its resources.

  • Government should set basic education, health, and economic standards and fund to the basic need.

  • NGOs and Corporations should not influence legislation, only private citizens - this will keep people politically active (they will have to respond, and they will actually be heard as there won't be these giants in the way)

  • Reasonable (I know, great qualifier eh? Basically, no one loses out) trade agreements with other nations.

  • I think people have largely stopped voting on ideology. We've decided to trust the media to direct us to who to vote for:

    The bad pro-war, pro-American, pro-privatization guy.
    The bad corrupt pro-gay guy.
    The bad taxation guy.
    The bad separatist guy.
    The bad tree-hugger guy.
    (note, I am not saying that these statements are true or false, or that their views are right or wrong, I'm just saying that this is how I perceive the media to be portraying the 5 parties)

    What would happen if people actually sat down and thought about what they believed, rather than being told (and I say this tongue in cheek, you'll see why when you click the link that's coming)? And then put their beliefs into action in the form of voting based on ideology rather than party lines and media spin? I think the country would look a lot like this.

    Incidentally, I am not voting this election. Not to make a statement against our quasi-democracy. No, I'm not voting because I didn't register to vote early enough. I am disappointed that I'm not voting. I think that Tanner Waldo really needed my vote.

    I wasn't planning on mentioning the Green Party here, but I really encourage you to read the bios of some of the candidates, it takes 20 seconds to read one. I think it's quite encouraging to think that Parliament could be full of regular, consciencious people like these.

    Hey, leave a comment and share your platform. Should make for some interesting debate.


    Sirdar said...

    The Green Party has some good ideas. I liked what I read about their platform, but their words were all 'environment, environment, environment' and nothing about running a country. They are still in their infancy and I hope they get their stuff together. They seem to be having some internal issues right now and I think once they get a more credible leader they will make some noise.

    Kevin said...

    Well, the polls are closed. I read this very interesting article in the community newspaper this Saturday while sitting at a nice little brunch restaurant near my house. It was taken from TheTyee.ca. There seems to be some internal struggles with the Green party, but... Check it out: http://thetyee.ca/Views/2005/12/16/GreensArentGreen/

    Sirdar said...

    Ya your right Kevin, there are some serious internal issues!! As I said I like what they write as policy but it would be nice if the talked about it.

    Zaak said...

    I definitely agree in regards to the leader. Kevin's referrenced article highlights this especially.

    But reading about the individual candidates is quite encouraging. The posted platform also is quite encouraging - if not in some ways a bit too utopian. I see the environment push in the first section, but elsewhere, there is quite a lot in regards to trade, international relations, human rights, provincial-federal relations, the arts and culture without any mention of the environment. Although their environment section is quite extensive, it should be. It's their role in many ways: to highlight the huge disparity in the way we live and operate as a nation and the way we should if we are to maintain a viable environment.

    Hey, thanks for the comments. Usually my political blogs go uncommented (except that oil one, eh Lorne?).

    Zaak said...

    P.S. the mention of a nice brunch restaurant off St Laurent kills me. Oh the joie de vivre in Montreal!