Majority in the House

Something that I haven't seen in the headlines yet is the fact that the Governor General names the prime minister once the leader of the party with the most seats puts together a viable coalition in order to govern.

Is it possible that the Conservatives would form a coalition with Arch-enemy Liberals? Separatist Bloc? Lefty NDP?

It's strange that the most similar platform with the Conservatives is that of the Bloc Quebecois. The BQ was born out of right wing politics. But would the Conservatives let their image be tarnished with the cooperation with said separatists?

So the dilemma - if the Conservatives can't put together a coalition, the baton gets passed to the Liberals who would be unable to put together a 155 seat coalition with the NDP and that 1 guy. They would need a whole bunch of Belinda Stronachs to pull it off. Incidentally, Stronach was re-elected. She's not a cabinet minister this time though.

Who comes next? Ha! the BQ.

Oh well, I guess I'm just musing. But Parliament does have this rule. It should be relatively interesting to see how it pans out. I imagine they'll put some provisional thing together and go from bill to bill.


Zaak said...

Here's an article by the CBC describing the process:


Sirdar said...

I never knew the rules but I've heard something like this before. Yes it will be interesting to say the least. I think they will have to go with a coalition. If they put forth good ideas there will be someone to help them out. Could you imagine if she asks the Liberals to take over again? Time to put up the firewall :-)

Kevin said...

Yup, many people forget that the BQ was formed in part (not all) by right-of-centre members of a now defunct provincial party. The BQ is an interesting entity, blending right and left.

robtherockeet said...

And so if this minority government lasts the usual 18 months, Canada will pay another 250 million to have another campaign that will lead back to liberals... an expensive wake up call. And what about the new conservative judge for the US supreme court? That's going to change a lot