Canada Day Fireworks [with kids]

Canada Day Fireworks are better with kids!

I really wanted to get the kids up and take them to the 10:30 fireworks in Regina (Saskatchewan's provincial capital) since we were in town anyway. Amber agreed, fortunately, and got them dudded up appropriately in PJs and maple leaves on their cheeks. They never actually went to bed before the fireworks, because we got into Regina later than expected and they needed baths.

The works were excellent, worthy celebration of our great nation. We got close to the park grounds and since the show had just started, we parked ourselves with other spectators on the corner of College Ave and Broad St.

Blaise went ballistic! He danced around and waved his flag for nearly the entire show. Both he and Acadia recited ooohs and aaahs throughout. You can tell by their smiles in the photo below that it was worth it for us to keep them up that late. [we'll see how they behave the day after, they are still sleeping at 8:45 am...]

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Debby said...

Sounds great! I have a new appreciation of fire works now that I saw such a spectacular display at North Buck Lake on Canada Day. Lasted 35 minutes with incredible sounds and displays! We were all in awe!