600 Posts

At 600 posts, I feel pretty good about myself and my commitment to writing (albeit unprofessionally) on a regular basis. It's also pretty handy to go back and review the years and trips and anecdotes that made it onto Zaakistan: The Blog.

Thanks to you readers, especially those who leave comments and have blogs of your own.


Dan the Man said...

Congratulations on the milestone. Here's to hoping that the next 600 (or even 10) are more regular...

Your writing is fantastic and always either homey or witty and sometimes biting. (like when you called the guy an oracle in your comments.)

Keep it up!

Zaak said...

Dan, you are the Man. Thank you for your kind words.

I will try to be more regular so folks don't fall off the Zaakistan Bandwagon. I need to discipline myself a bit more... I'm about 40 movies behind on my movie blog.

Debby said...

wow! 600! I really enjoy them too....I wish that I'd kept a blog or atleast a diary all these years ....it would be nice to go back to as you can.
Cheers to 600 more!