Blaise's Big Show

Blaise spent some time writing invitations for various camp staff who he ate meals with in the cafeteria. The event was his Big Show which was to be followed by his birthday cake.

Being 6 now, he is capable of producing a production. This one consisted of three parts:

A dramatic production (which I insisted he rehearse, and which I subsequently narrated as he mimed) about Blaise the Good Pirate.

A magic trick taught to him by Bryan, one of the programming staff. He performed the “pick a card, any card” trick on Christie.

The conclusion was an a cappella performance of 4 verses of “Lord of the Dance,” the song that enchanted Blaise at the Anglican Church the week before.

Well done, my son. And happy birthday too!

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Debby said...

I LOVE IT! And I LOVE this sweet 6 year old boy....he reminds me of another young man that I Love very much :) ...I bet it was a wonderful BIG SHOW I would have loved to be there....