My Bedroom Office

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we've had occupants in our basement since October, so I was compelled to move my office to my bedroom. What is great is that I prefer my office in my bedroom - it's warmer, it has more light, and I can watch movies/TV shows in bed with my handy Apple Remote.

This past weekend I decided to bring up the last piece of furniture: a large 5X5 foot shelf in which I house my shrine to the Lord of the Rings, blank media, books and file folders of official stuff. I wanted to ensure that our bedroom wouldn't be too cluttered and to see if a different arrangement of the furniture would suit the room better, so I recreated the room and all the furniture in SweetHome3D - a super freeware application.

After meeting Amber's approval, we moved the shelf upstairs and all of its contents and it looks a lot like SweetHome3D predicted:

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Debby S Allan said...

I think I will try and do that with my living room!...alot less grunting and muscle pain....I'll check into it...your bedroom office looks really cool!