500 Posts

The past 20 months have felt like a century. The past 100 postings have covered topics from
Hide-n-Seek to 4-year-old logic
Rio Dulce to Prince Edward Island to Vancouver
Barack Obama to Ed Stelmach to nearly a Coalition Government
Audi A4 to Greyhound to Bike Day
Commuting to school to a 3800 km trek to back country driving in Guatemala
Leonard Cohen live to Stuart McLean live to U2 live
Revisiting a crosscontinental bike trip to Pugwash after 15 years
Wordles to SweetHome3D to zip.ca
Raffi Cavoukian to Neko Case to Jon Foreman
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary to la Plage de L'Aboiteau to la Planta Hidroeléctrica Chixoy
iMac to the iPod Touch to a Nikon D90
Salomé's cakes to berries to Spring Brook Farm
NHL Hockey to Beijing Olympics to local boxing
Don't Fear the Reaper to Six Feet Under to Uncle Wolf's passing
Shane's wedding to dates with Amber to a wedding anniversary
Just Wages to Alberta violence to people group name use by corporations
Ginger beer to NB wines to water
LifeTouch Photography to Justin Jeffery Photography
Calgary Zoo to New Hope Church to Bearspaw Christian School Volleyball
Microfinance to financial stress to body cleansing
Getting my car stereo online to a dead battery to getting into my gas tank
Top R.E.M. songs to a new song by Charlie Winston to the Weepies
Thanks for reading everyone!

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