Kyle: 2 for 2

Last Saturday night, I went to Teofista Boxing Club to watch some boxing matches. In particular, I went to see Kyle fight his second fight. Kyle is my sister-in-law's boyfriend and they, along with their baby, have been wintering with us since October. Kyle's first match was earlier this winter and he won in the first round.

This one was no different. His opponent came out strong, but then Kyle went 1 - 2 - 3 and that was it. The ref called the match over because his opponent didn't recover fast enough.

The whole event was really fascinating. There were maybe 200 people there and about 10 match-ups - half of them were exhibition and the headlining heavy weight fight was cancelled because one of the fighters was in jail. There were even ring girls who hoisted cardboard signs reading "Round 2" and "Round 3." It's a whole culture I had never explored before.

So, congratulations Kyle on a spotless record.

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Debby S Allan said...

That's so cool! It's fun to go to something completely different sometimes....made me think of when I went to Salome's fitness competition.