Violence in Central Alberta

I heard this story on the radio coming home this afternoon. A woman was murdered in Delburne, east of Red Deer, allegedly by her estranged spouse last week. Not too long ago, the man is alleged to have sexually assaulted the same woman while holding a gun. An emergency protection order had been placed against the man for this charge, but it doesn't appear to have worked. I don't get it. Don't they imprison people when they are charged with a violent act and there is a chance of reoffending?

This follows another grisly murder in Red Deer a couple weeks back of a young single mom allegedly by her boyfriend. The woman's three year old son witnessed the crime.

Edmonton and Calgary have two of the top four murder rates in Canada.


Facebook Forced Me

25 random things about me. If you've been tagged on FACEBOOK, then you're supposed to make a list too.

1. I miss having long hair.

2. I am currently in the middle of 10 books.

3. I am a very slow reader.

4. Since April 15, 2007, I have watched 299 movies and have blogged about them all (except the last 6 which I plan on doing this weekend).

5. Math was always my favorite subject in school and now I teach Pure Math 10.

6. I am a worst case scenario thinker. I discovered this on my first day cycling across Canada.

7. I have owned 3 different models of the iMac (G4, G5, Intel Duo Core)

8. Since the age of 12 I have kept longer fingernails on my right hand so that I could play classical guitar.

9. I get very worked up about politics because most people aren't aware of underlying issues that aren't discussed in the media.

10. I am a non-denominational Christian.

11. I was the yearbook co-editor of my school in grade 11.

12. I turned down a large scholarship at a prestigious Canadian university and went to Canadian University College instead.

13. My favorite food is fresh cherries. I've eaten them once in the last 3.5 years.

14. I've spent 4 years of my life living on foreign soil.

15. I've played tuba, trombone, and french horn in 5 different concert bands.

16. I want to live on a commune. I want this badly. That was even my goal stated in my grade 11 yearbook.

17. Making lists is enormously enjoyable.

18. I do my own taxes. And Amber's too. I learned how to do them while observing a low level high school math class when I was training to become a teacher.

19. This is my fourth year teaching in Canada and the only course I've taught twice is grade 10 math. I'm a pro at first year teaching.

20. My favorite composer is Jean Sibelius - an alcoholic Finn who wrote melancholy symphonies and tone poems.

21. Nehemiah is my favorite book of the Bible. My favorite verse is John 21:25

22. I manage money quite well.

23. My favorite contemporary author is Douglas Coupland.

24. I cry easily. Guatemala was tough.

25. I am the same height as my wife.