Violence in Central Alberta

I heard this story on the radio coming home this afternoon. A woman was murdered in Delburne, east of Red Deer, allegedly by her estranged spouse last week. Not too long ago, the man is alleged to have sexually assaulted the same woman while holding a gun. An emergency protection order had been placed against the man for this charge, but it doesn't appear to have worked. I don't get it. Don't they imprison people when they are charged with a violent act and there is a chance of reoffending?

This follows another grisly murder in Red Deer a couple weeks back of a young single mom allegedly by her boyfriend. The woman's three year old son witnessed the crime.

Edmonton and Calgary have two of the top four murder rates in Canada.


Anonymous said...

I've never known paper to stop much....especially violence.

Yes there are a lot of murders that past few years. I've also notice that it is "people known to police" a lot too. Gang/drug related unfortunately. The two in Red Deer are so sad because they weren't gang related.

dawn said...

Those two cases in Red Deer were very sad. As Sirdar said, many times, the criminals or victims in Edmonton are known to police or 'are not random'. It is unfortunate some people have brought their crime culture from other countries. It is bad for our country and gives the honest people from those countries a bad name.