Vinyl Cafe

CBC's Vinyl Cafe presented by Stuart McLean came to Calgary on December 4th. I went with Amber, Mom and Alanna. It was splendid! Mr. Stuart McLean really did well to connect with his eager audience. He gave us three vinyl cafe stories (spiked punch, bicycle, and Stephanie's books), a story exchange story, and a story about his first Christmas away from home. He also presented a couple stunning musical guests: Jill Barber and Matt Andersen (check this New Brunswicker out!). It was a treat! Especially since we had to drive through a blizzard to get there.

I've been listening to McLean's musings, stories, and music selections and guests for about 6 years. My mom has been a fan and introduced us by lending us one of his CDs.

I remember listening to stories about Dave and Morley on the CD in our old Tercel driving from Red Deer to Edmonton.

I remember listening to the VC on the radio while laying on the living room floor with a newborn and rather jaundice Blaise laying beside me under the sun's rays.

I remember listening to the weekly podcasts on my iPod while I tended and milked my goats in Guatemala.

I listen to Stuart McLean on my way home from church now and then continue as I help Amber get a quick lunch ready for the kids.

It is a rare program that I don't find my eyes welling with tears.

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