Hurricanes and Cyclones

Over the past six months I've been sampling and even obsessing over a couple recent albums. Last year I listened to Jon Foreman, The Weepies, and Kings of Leon nearly exclusively. Over the summer I could only listen to Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. Recently, we've been listening to a fair bit of Regina Spektor since our pastor preached on one of her songs (Laughing With).

But the really amazing albums are a couple new releases from this fall:

Switchfoot's Hello Hurricane features some electric grinding tunes (Mess of Me, The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues) and the title track) along with their signature introspective ballads (Yet, Sing it Out). Jon Foreman delivers song writing to the same caliber he did on his seasons EPs and the band keeps the same Switchfoot sound they've built a following on. Gorgeous music!

Neko Case, my music crush for the summer, released Middle Cyclone last winter, but I had to digest Fox Confessor before moving forward in her albums. While her older stuff has a quite a bit of country influence, her new stuff is more alt-folk. Some great new anthems from this diva.

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