Koujibouguac National Park

Located on the northern end of the Northumberland Strait, Koujibouguac is a gorgeous collection of dunes, beaches, and coastal forest. I hadn't visited the park since childhood before returning in 2001, probably almost 20 years later, but I could still remember the boardwalks and dunes.

This past summer I took my family there (Amber, my papa, and my two kids). It was fantastic! Because at this point of the New Brunswick coast, P.E.I. doesn't form a barrier to the ocean, the waves crash harder than where we normally go to the beach (in Cap-Pelé).

Blaise and Acadia had fun in the waves (Papa and I did too). Amber enjoyed the sun under 20 mL of sunscreen. We all enjoyed a beautiful time at a preserved and protected beach.

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Amber said...

It was gorgeous - I'm glad we made it! Me AND my sunscreen ;)