Mr. Miguel is talking to you

Every other night I get a phone call from the owner of the greenhouses next to our house. I have this guy's number in my phone so I know before I pick up that it's him. The conversation is the same every single time:

Zaak: Good evening Miguel.
Miguel: Mr. Miguel is talking to you.
Zaak: Hi Miguel. I can lock the gate tonight.
Miguel: Can you lock the gate for me tonight?
Zaak: Yes, I can.
Miguel: Would you do me the favour?
Zaak: Certainly. Yes.
Miguel: Well, thank you.
Zaak: No problem. Good night.
Miguel: Same to you.

The funniest thing isn't only that it takes forever for this conversation to happen. It's that he talks so slow! "Le haaaaaa-bla Donnnnnnn Mi-guelllll."


dawn said...

That is pretty funny. I tend to think fast and when I know what people are going to say, answer the question before hand. It would get a little old having the same slow conversation regularly. One thing though, it gives fond memories when you leave there and it will be something you remember and will say, "Remember when Miguel would call...".

Zaak said...

Yep, he is now relegated to the private joke-dom.

He probably still tries to call me a week after I've moved to Canada.