Back in Spandex

August 13, 2003, last day of my ride across Canada.

It has been three years since I last rode my road bike (not a motorbike). This morning my mom said she was going to ride her bicycle to work and I thought "hey! I should get my gear out and go with her." 

It took a while to get everything together, especially my clip-less shoes which were in a box behind boxes under the stairs. I oiled my chain. I pumped up the tires. I slipped into my sleek spandex shorts. And off we were.

The ride was just 11 kms each way, but it gave me a chance to ride by some gorgeous canola fields and test my tolerance for the tiny seat.

I'm planning to do the Tour de l'Alberta next weekend. Should be grueling (162 kms). I'm also planning to cycle to work whenever possible (gotta do all my grading and planning at the school though for that to happen) this coming school year.

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dawn said...

I bet it is great to be out on the open road again. I haven't been out as much this year as I would like, but it should get better in the next month or so. I have my bike in the shop right now. I completely wore out the chain and the center wheel had to be replaced. A couple other things; sounds a lot like your car.