Upon my return to Canada, I find myself marveling at how easily I am able to adjust to my new life (mind you, I'm not working yet).
The traffic is regulated by laws.
The internet is lightning fast.
The electricity doesn't blink off.
It is dead quiet at night (and mostly during the day too).
I can use my credit card everywhere - so no cash in my pockets.
DVDs can now be purchased as low as $3 in bargain bins.
I can drink beer and wine (in moderation of course).
There are no bugs in my bed.
There is hot water in the taps.
I can flush toilet paper down the toilet.
The public library offers thousands of books and hundreds of movies on loan for free.
I can check out groceries by myself at Save-On Foods.
Not having to have my guard up against theft.
The sky is huge.
There is a dishwasher in our house.
My shower has pressure.
The post office has regular and frequent hours of operation.
The radio stations offer a wide array of music and news items.
My family can call me on their first try dialing.
The local movie theatre has films in English.
We have grass on our front lawn.
The fresh fruit can be bought easily without bruises and rot.
Everything has price tags.
Now, having said that, there are a few things that I really miss about Guatemala (aside from really missing my friends).
The opportunity to build a relationship with almost everyone you buy from (from the gas jockey to the chafa salesman).
Bargaining prices down if I felt so inclined.
Not being conscious or fearful of ever getting a speeding ticket.
Cheap and tasty street food.
The gorgeous mountains and greenery.
Being able to practice my Spanish and the challenge to learn on a daily basis.
The friendliness of everyone I met.

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Aimée said...

Now that your internet is so fast, I guess I can expect a comment from you every so often on UtHC! Sweet! :)