Royal Solitaire or Royal Waste of Time

One of the iPod games I've bought is Royal Solitaire. It is a collection of 10 versions of solitaire card games. FreeCell (one of my life goals is to Win 25 FreeCell Games in a Row) and Klondike (the solitaire game that comes with Windows and also with the iPod) were familiar to me before, but the other eight were new.
Aces Up
Beleaguered Castle
I picked up the iPod last weekend and played Aces Up and won. This is a very rare occurrence because the game has very little to do with skill and all to do with the cards dealt. I decided to try Beleaguered Castle and won at that too. Beleaguered Castle is even harder because most games barely permit you the first move! I then got the idea to beat all 10 games in one day, which I did.

My shame is that the game logs how much time I play and in the past 18 months, I've spent just over 80 hours playing the dumb games. Gotta interact more with people.

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