On Monday morning, dudes from my church gathered together on the new church property wielding machetes. We tore through the back part of the land that descends on a creek and a spring. We had to make a path for surveyers who are coming next week to do up plans for new construction.

We killed a lot of plants. A lot. There were another dozen guys that climbed the hill before I took this photo. We cut around coffee plants and larger trees. We ran into some wild rhubarb too. The guys said it took away thirst.

Someone behind me even killed a water pipe. I got all wet in the process.

The guys kept asking me if I was tired after an hour. I wasn't tired, but my hand was sore. They would say, "it's probably your machete that 's tired," and then they would lend me their file. Despite my best efforts (which didn't include wearing gloves, because no one else was wearing gloves), I got a hand full of blisters and scratches.


UP said...

Ah yes, hands, gloves and tired. I remember years ago, after spending 2 years in college I was visiting home, my younger brother asked if I wanted to spend a day with him on a hay baling crew. I being the older brother jumped at the chance to prove my worth. However, by later morning, I was staggering around, had blisters even with gloves, and could barely lift the hay bales anymore.

However, it really was fun to spend a day with my younger brother.

Zaak said...

It was fun to rub shoulders with the guys out there.