We've been experiencing frequent blink power outages over the past 2 weeks. Everyday, there are two to three or more of these. My computer shuts down in a flash and then all my other gadgets power-up and I am left nursing my programs back to life.

What gets me the most is that I still forget to frequently save my files, so I often lose 15-30 minutes of work. I figure the reason is that I am so absorbed in my work that I forget to save.

We've been experiencing frequent accidents of the urine sort on our living room floor. Fortunately, they are not as frequent as the power outages. I should identify my son as the cause of these accidents so you are not disgusted with my poor sanitation abilities. He is in the midst of potty training (I give him a maximum of 6 months until he's fully trained).

The tremendous 'uriny' in all of this is that the pee accidents happen for the same reason I fail to save my documents regularly: he's concentrating on his task and forgets that he has to pee until it's too late.

His task is putting together 25-piece puzzles and he's really good at it.

He got a new puzzle today for having filled up another sheet with 35 stickers. He gets a sticker every time he pees/poops on the potty.


Aimée said...

Hang in there, it's a long road...Noah actually is pretty good, but it is costing us in Smarties. one per pee, 3 for a poo. He's really stepped up and has learned subtraction to boot. One smartie given during a lengthy poo means only 2 afterward.

dawn said...

Another milestone in the life of your son. At least your concentration problems only mean more work for you.

Zaak said...

Blaise has backed off on the pooping, doing it almost exclusively in his underwear/pull-up/diaper for the past week. He does this without concentrating on anything.

If he doesn't learn by 4, I'm going to situate him in a sandbox.