McDonalds Restaurant Impressions

Since Mr. Morgan Spurlock made his indicting film on fastfood culture and the health deficits, I think McDonalds has responded incredibly.

I've never been a fan. I usually felt lethargic after eating a 1/4 pounder. I prefer to support indie restaurants rather than the franchises. And about 9 years ago they had McWraps which tasted more like the name than I think they wanted them to.

Yesterday, I had to kill an hour in Cobán with my kids while Amber had her teeth worked on. I took them to McDonalds where they had a blast in the kids park. I felt compelled to order something, so I got a crispy chicken sandwich. The whole wheat bun impressed me.

I use the golden arches as a landmark frequently. Just last week as I arranged for friends to go on a tour, I had the van pick them up at McDonalds in Cobán.

My wife worked as a drive-thru McHottie when she was a teenager, taking breakfast and coffee orders with her burgandy button-up shirt, visor, and headset on.

A couple years ago, I got really sick while in Guatemala City. I spent 2 hours in a McDonalds while a short term mission team visited the cathedral and national palace. I just bought water and used their pristine bathrooms (over and over and over and over again). Man, I don't think I've ever loved a toilet like I loved that toilet. And the toilet paper supply!

I guess I just want to take a break from bashing "Rotten Ronnies" and say that there are times in my life when I am grateful for the familiar, clean, accessible, dominating, poisonous, economic powerhouse.

OK, break's over.

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