Freakadelique Friday

I got pulled over in Guatemala City for talking on my cell phone while driving. The policeman told me it was "contra la ley" in all of Guatemala - news to me. It is a Q100 fine. After comiserating with his companeros, he let me off. I think it was the Alberta drivers permit that got me off.

Ran into several people from a Trinity Western University team that was in Tactic 3 weeks ago on four occasions as I walked through Antigua, went to the bank and sat down for some alone time in a cafe. I also run into staff and students on three other occasions today from a local Spanish school that sends teams up to Tactic twice a year.

Was awoken at midnight by some loud American girls at my hotel. They were complaining that the people here "don't even speak English."

I bought spare parts for my Swiss Army Knife at a hardware store.

The lady at the Canadian Embassy said that the photos of Acadia may not be accepted for the passport application. But it cost me Q23 less than I was originally quoted - Go Canadian dollar, Go!

I carried my iPod in my pocket all day and didn't use it once.

Got a phone call from a friend from Canada saying he was in Antigua. So was I. Spotted him briefly just before he got picked up to hike the volcano.

I cut off a hearse at the head of a funeral procession.


dawn said...

Sounds like a bit of a weird day, and it wasn't even the 13th. It is a full moon here though so that would explain any weird things around here; not that I can think of any.

Anonymous said...

Is that friend from Canada my dear brother? Sounds like God is definatly keeping you on your toes! Have a splendid visit with my brother, wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

Alberta is considering banning cell phone use while driving too....but I bet the fines will be a little higher. Funny...and so sad about the American girls complaining about the locals not speaking English. You should have told them the locals are complaining they can't speak Spanish.

Thought I'd drop in to see what you have been up to. Keep on missionarying!!