400 Posts

Some of the ground covered in the past 99 posts:
Bread to Tepezquintle
Sister to Sister-in-Law
Greek to Binary
Colon to Cheney
Burma to Cuba
Moon to Lightning
Dead Goat to New Born Goat
Running to Cycling
School Openings to School Graduations
World AIDS Day to Better World Shopper
Elections to Political Unrest
Mama to Papa
Distant Volcanoes to What's on my Belt
Super Bugs to Stomach Worms
Installing Stoves to Sponsorship Handbook
Têtes à Claques to Travel Challenge
Trombones to Marimbas
Rock to Paper
Mexico to Ukraine
Radiohead to Lyrics
Shane to Alan and Justin
Facebook to NetMonitor
Shoe Giveaways to Dispensing Medication
Books to Bookshelves
Blaise to Acadia
Thanks for you readership. I appreciate you all.

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