Zaak's Next Five Things

So, I've been inspired by Petra and Adam and 8 other bloggers to make a list of five things that I want to do next - not necessarily big things, just a list to get me moving. And with it a new blog (when I have 10 blogs on the go, please take my computer away). So, without further ado, here are my next five things:
1. Learn the Spanish verb Haber
2. Learn one movement of Bach's Lute Suites
3. Finish the five books I've been reading for two years
4. Do daily push-ups for 30 days
5. Investigate adoption possibilities (go/no go)


Daniel Bourque said...

Go Zaak Go! I tried to average 200 pushups a day for a year, and quit on Nov 5th with 55,000 (pushup.pbwiki.com), but throughout the entire time, I never had 30 consecutive days of pushups. All the best!

Also, I'm reading "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, and it is helping me to stay organized and get things done at work and home.

Dawn said...

That is a great list. I think a list of goals is a great thing. In the spring, I decided that this summer I was going to plow ahead and get some things done around the place. I ended up adding to the projects as I went along and now it is closing in on the end of summer, and the only thing that got completed, was the pond. It is full of water, I have a way to refill it (if it rains). I have it to water the garden, and the pump works and I did use it to water the garden, and it has a fountain in it, so the mosquitos don't use it for nesting. Other than that, my greenhouse isn't done, I have more raised beds than initially planned for, I didn't finish my raspberry patches, my chicken coup is there, but not done. I don't know if my expectations were too high, or I am just not doing things right. I know I am not lasy but wonder if I could do more and work harder. Hmmm...maybe I will go with a list for winter and start with one in spring again. Hope you get yours completed.

Salome said...

Daily Pushups? do 3 sets of as many as possible. MAke sure you stretch yourself out after or else you'll get all hunched over from tight pecs. It might be a good idea to do daily pullups too to balance your front and back. Just a thought. Have you started yet?