In the Pouring Rain

It started raining at about 5:30 pm while church was on. Lightly at first, then a downpour. The things of church quickly left my mind as I began to think about my pour goats, tethered out there in the pouring rain.

So I drove home, put the goats into their brand new home and drove back to church in time for hot tea. When my tea was done, I drove Amber and the babies home, in the pouring rain, then shot over to the medical clinic, which was being cleared out so that sewing could be taught there this week.

The main things that had to go were 3 boxes of vitamins. Two boxes are 700 lbs and the third is at least 1000 lbs (good cardboard!!). So there were a dozen guys from church there waiting for the pick-up truck that had to make 2 trips. We managed to load and unload the vitamins in the pouring rain.

I had to load some 20 boxes of medicine and other things into the Toyota van to bring to a church where we are putting on a 3 day medical clinic with a team that arrived today. In 30 minutes, a couple dozen men are going to meet me at the bottom of a mountain and then carry all this stuff up to the top where the church is, in the dark and in the pouring rain.


So, when I got there at 8:30 PM, I waited 15 minutes for the first person to show up and then another 15 for the last 5 to show. I, with the authority of my boss, made an executive decision to cancel the effort. The team can do it tomorrow morning. When it's not raining.


Debby said...

Good decison.
I didnt know you had goats! Ha ha! That is a good decision too...
history repeats itself.

dawn said...

Wow, your goats probably appreciated your efforts, or more so, the shelter. They kept much drier than you through the day. I hope the rains subsided so you could get stuff done without the rain.