Brew Two: Apple Ginger Bitter, Muntons Hopped Pale Ale

My second foray into brewing happened back in December. I wanted to try the syrup kit rather than the slightly concentrated kits I tried the first time. I picked up 2 kits of Muntons: Bitter and Pale Ale (they were out of IPA). I picked up some amarillo, chinook, and cascade hops to add to the Pale Ale.

I simply boiled some of the hops and added the hopped water to the pale ale. A week later, I dry hopped the pale ale and added some cane sugar in hopes to add a bit of dimension and a bit more alcohol to what is normally a pretty bland beer. The results weren't too impressive. The beer is drinkable, just not memorable.

I added some apple slices and ginger water to the bitter fermentation. Some mild ginger aftertaste and a bit of apple sweetness. This darker beer tasted better the longer I let it stay in bottle, not too malty, quite refreshing.

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