Brew Three: Grapefruit Double IPA

Easily my best beer so far. I combined a couple Brew House IPA kits with a hop-hacked little 1 gallon grain Grapefruit IPA kit from Brooklyn BrewShop. I used 6 oz of cascade, columbus, and falconers flight hops at various stages of the boil of the wort (and kept a little for dry hopping). I also added the peels of two grapefruits during the final 10 minutes of the boil.

A Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale kept me company.

I added 500g of pale spraymalt to the boil too to add a bit more, um, sugar. Note that this is a double batch. I used Danstar BRY-97 yeast, a standard westcoast IPA yeast. In the end the specific gravity (which measures sugar) came in at 1.068 which is quite high. Worried that it was too high for the yeast, I went to a discussion board and quickly got a response:

1.068 is perfect for a hoppy IPA! 18C is a perfect fermentation temperature for BRY97.
You can see it had no problem fermenting.

3 weeks later, Blaise helped me bottle the 36.3 litres of delicious 8.3% ABV very strong grapefruit india pale ale. Unfortunately, about half of the bottles are over-carbonated, but they taste lovely: very crisp, firm citrus hoppiness, and pleasing aftertaste.

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